Ei vara venettä kaada


Kai Ander­s­son, Jan Lindh, Mag­nus Roschi­er-Holm­berg ja Dierk Kühn. Miehiä yhdis­tää pait­si meri myös sen antimet. Ja huumori. 



Gub­bkvällen på Androsi­na — Menú


Välkom­st­sku­pa • Gub­bröra med ros­tat bröd

Säsongens kräftor med toast

Lin­gon med kinuskisås och kaf­fekask



This type of ves­sel is com­mon­ly known as a ´salon boat´. Along the Finnish coast areas, and par­tic­u­lar­ly in Swe­den, these types of boats have been giv­en the nick­name ´Punch Veran­da´.


Sail­ing Under Two Flags Androsi­na is one of the few still survin­ing boats in Fin­land, which has sailed under two flags. In her youth, Fin­land was still Grand Dutchy of Rus­sia and waved the tri­colour Russ­ian flag.

Since her maid­en voy­age in 1911, Androsi­na has cer­tain­ly expe­ri­enced and wit­nessed colour­ful events and has been par­ty to many adven­tures, and yet, old­er than the famous unsink­able Titan­ic (1912), she still proud­ly sails the Finnish waters.


Res­cue of the Old Dame 

My Androsi­na is prob­a­bly the old­est motor­boat still in active use in the Finnish waters. The secret to her survin­ing the tumul­tuous years of the Finnish wars was quite sim­ply her age! Prac­ti­cal­ly all avail­able boats were recruit­ed by the army, but Androsi­na was con­sid­ered, already in the 1940´s, an old ´maid‘.